Built to Last
The key to a stable honeycomb is structure

We’ve mastered the craft of managing networks. We’ve spent 15 years perfecting our process, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results. How would you like to walk through what we do?

The difference with us… is us.

We've deployed sites that have some of the highest traffic in the world, and we've hosted mom-and-pops, too. No matter how popular you are, we will treat you as our #1 concern. We believe that every site deserves 100% uptime, forever and always. And it's not just something we say – it's something we guarantee.

Responsibility. It's at the core of our big Honeycomb heart. We won’t simply hand you the keys and vanish. We deliver prompt, personalized responses to all calls and e-mails. Around the clock, we're focused on helping you achieve your goals. That's what your business needs. We'll never treat you as someone who can be satisfied by simply batting down issues as they arise.

Instead we take an active role in your hosting needs. Not only do we tailor our services to what you need today, we ensure that you’re more than ready for tomorrow. The online world is always changing, and we can make even the most disruptive events smooth for you.

Looking for a more technical explanation?

A carefully constructed colony.

In nature's honeycombs, worker bees create hexagonal cells to provide for the future of the colony. They pack a lot of value in there, storing the food they'll need and stashing the lil' bees that will one day take over the business. So the honeycomb needs super-solid construction to weather all kinds of conditions. We ensure our processes are tuned to perfection with SSAE 16 Controls certified by 3rd party auditors regularly.

Similarly, in the ever-evolving world of online networks, reliability is key. Taking a page from our friend the honeybee, Honeycomb tightly integrates our work into the development cycle of your website, and continually augments that with personalized support.

Honeycomb will take time to thoroughly understand your business objectives and operating budget, then walk you through the critical decisions necessary to ensure your web presence is up to snuff (don’t worry, it will be). Honeycomb will work alongside your team to deliver results that build total reliability with your web customer, as well as your internal organization. We take personal interest in assuring your website is secure from hackers, viruses, natural disasters — anything that can lead to the nasty surprise of downtime.

Honeycomb can work with you using a preventative, real-time, and future-forward perspective for your ongoing hosting implementation. In short: we’ll always have your back. We work with you to understand the goals and growth phase to develop your web infrastructure to keep with, but not too far ahead of, your business growth. We hope that by keeping the hosting environment in scale with your enterprise, you can allocate your funds more wisely. This delivers real value for today's budgets, and beyond.