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Honeycomb delivers high-volume, mission-critical hosting with 100% guaranteed uptime. And we do that with a full complement of services that optimize how your business works.

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Swiss Army Meets Kiss Army

We’re an all-in-one tool for your hosting needs – and sometimes we wear face paint, too. Is that OK?

We’ve built Honeycomb to include everything you could possibly need: real-time enterprise advisory, consulting, and technical solutions. And once we get to know you, we further tailor our services for your specific business needs. At each step of the way, we can guide you to make the right choices for your company, so you make timely investments that deliver long-term return.

By having us do it all, your company can save money with a more efficiently run website. Our expert advice can save you even more down the road in equipment, personnel, and other investment costs. And finally, when you reach a point where you can manage your own hosting, we’re happy to make the transition to being “just” your hosting provider, with the most value-packed offering on the market.

Looking for a more technical explanation?

OK, you asked for it...

We provide fully managed services around the clock: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Holidays are nice and all, but we put your business first.

And we don’t skimp on gear, either. We double up on everything. By utilizing state-of-the-art data centers that are multi-homed to Tier 1 networks utilizing BGP4 routing, we can provide 100% guaranteed uptime, ideal for mission-critical and high-volume needs.

And we buy all our bandwidth, so our traffic gets priority over other “peering” providers.

Honeycomb also offers Global Traffic Management (GTM) that instantly makes adjustments, ensuring our clients’ data gets to where it is going as fast as possible. Our disaster recovery/data backup services, as well as fully managed OS and middleware patch management, take the hassle out of hosting, and our software security scanning and auditing keep it safe. And did we mention we have special expertise in high-traffic application and database clustering?

In addition to our managed hosting, we offer The Hive, which is basic self-service hosting and service management. You get the power of our network with easy-to-use provisioning tools.

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